Painting Warranty

rsz_img_9842At Earl’s Paintworks, we believe a warranty should be simple and comprehensive.

We believe that, with the correct preparation and products, we can stand behind our work.

If a problem arises with our paint application within 3 years from the date of completion, we will come out and fix the problem – at no cost to you.

It’s pretty simple why we can offer you a painting warranty of this kind. We make sure we properly clean all surfaces and remove all peeling paint before paint application. We don’t paint over rotten wood. We apply the correct products in the correct manner.

With our harsh Alberta climate, we do not warranty fences, decks, railings or any walk-on surfaces. Fading will occur over the lifespan of all painted exterior surfaces and is not covered under the warranty. Tannin bleeding cannot be warrantied, as it is a natural occurrence when natural oils leach to the top layer of wood. Pressure treated wood cannot be warrantied from color bleed thru.