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These days, some so many people have thought of settling down in another country. Immigration has been an option for so many people because they want to have a better life for their families, they want better benefits, and they want to have a peaceful life. Canada is one of the best options for immigrants. The government has been very welcoming to immigrant and refugees because this country has a lot of land mass but has very low population.

Of the many cities and places in Canada, Calgary, a city in the province of Alberta has been famous for its rich culture and its beautiful places to showcase. So, in case you have time to visit Calgary or if you decide to settle here for good, here are the things that you should never miss.

Visit the Historical Park 

historical Calgary

The first place that you should visit is the Heritage Park Historical Village. This place is well maintained and is huge because it has an area of 127 acres. What’s best about this place is the fact that you check Canada’s history. This place aims to inform every person going there about how Canada was in a few years back and how Canada has evolved as time passed by.

If you are interested in the military, it is in Calgary where you can see a Military museum. Eight museums and galleries tell visitors about the importance of the country’s armed forces. Moreover, these places want to show the victories and the tragedies during the wars and how heroes have emerged during this time of difficulty.


calgary zoo


Another place to visit is the Calgary Zoo. The zoo houses different animals coming from the different ecosystems. Surely, if you visit this place, you will be amazed on how the different animals live in the wild. Moreover, there is also a place where you can see the pre-historic dinosaurs that lived in the past. Although unreal, children will surely appreciate and understand how dinosaurs survived in the past.

But if you want a quiet night listening to music, then definitely you have to buy a ticket of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. They are led by a famous artist and surely you will love how they play music of different genres. All you have to do is to check on their concerts because they have a lot to offer every season.

Lastly, you have to visit the Calgary market. It has so much to offer, and you can find good finds of local products and produces at the most affordable price.

In summary, these days a lot of people think of settling in another country, and one of them is Canada. Among the different places in Canada, Calgary is one of the best choices because of its safety and of course because the people are so warm and welcoming. If you happen to decide of staying in Calgary for good or if you are planning to visit this city, then surely you should not miss doing things here like going to museums, enjoying the market and much more.

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